BLOCK II - 97m2


Best Suited

The studio is part of a dynamic array of artists specializing in sculpture, the large space is ideal for a workshop style practice as the hard-wearing floor allows the artist to develop their practice without the standard limitation of a traditional space. The door of this space is considerably larger than a traditional door, making it easy to bring large objects in and out of the space. The studio could eventually adapt itself as a Life/work space, as long as artists practice is still the main priority within the space.


97m2 - 3m height - North facing large window - 220V electricity installation – as well as three phase if needed - bathroom and shower


Electricity and internet are paid for by the tenant, water and gas are included within the rental price.

Additional specs

The sink comes with a double drainage system, to avoid blockages - Windows can be unmounted to fit in larger objects into the space - The large window area is a natural ventilation system - Set of five double industrial quality sockets for power tools


Hose - An antique steel desk – Three steel frames along the window - Fire hydrant